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bear pond espresso

Much has been written about the food scene in Tokyo.  In the end, maybe it’s just a very, very big city.  The “largest metropolitan area in the world”, says Wikipedia, and among the densest (at more than 37,000 per square … Continue reading

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french coffee

We’ve had a wonderful time abroad.  More on that soon.  But a notable minus of Corsica: the coffee sucks. In fact, the coffee sucks in France as a whole.  For a culture that so values gastronomy, this is difficult to … Continue reading

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tel aviv / berlin

It’s time to break this dry spell on the blog.  Let’s begin with some notes I jotted down on the plane back from a trip to Tel Aviv and Berlin a couple of weeks ago. For me, the antisymmetrical ideas … Continue reading

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radial stripes

The brand design for Victrola Coffee on 15th is beautiful: There’s a sense of confection about it.  It prints nicely, it exudes a Capitol Hill-ish steampunk sensibility, and it rhymes with those radially-striped teacup designs which are so much more … Continue reading

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