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a new one

  a readymade: east coast 2017 stenographic after the wine, a long walk through crooked streets and straight under drips of air conditioners high up, and a subway grating’s fetid breath on my legs decaying villages at midnight, greenwich and … Continue reading

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old poetry

In cleaning up, I came across some poems I wrote at the end of the the 90s, in Princeton. 10 Haiku and 4 Poems – 1998-2000

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rape culture

This recent Rolling Stone article about rape at the University of Virginia is pretty upsetting. It’s just the latest in a string of horror stories over the past year about rape culture, lack of empathy and denial, both generally and … Continue reading

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maria and dave

It’s been a fun week.  On Wednesday night, our good friend Maria Semple organized an 826 benefit at Town Hall with Dave Eggers, and invited me onstage to do the reading with them and answer questions.  Maria read from Bernadette‘s … Continue reading

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christopher frizzelle interview

Hey, I made it onto Slog last week!  Exciting, since this is pretty much my main source of news.  I think life wouldn’t be so bad if The Stranger really were the English-speaking world’s only newspaper. Christopher Frizzelle did this short … Continue reading

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A letter to Washington. The Honorable Eric Holder Department of Justice Robert F. Kennedy Building Tenth Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20530     Dear Attorney General Holder: I recently attended the TED2014 conference, where I had occasion … Continue reading

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30 years of TED

Throughout most of last week I was wearing a giant badge with a metal tag on it announcing that this was my 10th TED.  The conference itself was in retrospective mode, celebrating its 30th birthday.  Nostalgia aside though, in many … Continue reading

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Nick Wingfield at the New York Times just broke the news that I’m going to Google.  On one hand, of course this is tremendously exciting; Google is a company of grand ambitions and brilliant people.  On the other hand it … Continue reading

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latter day scones

“It takes only about 15 minutes to produce a basketful of lovely hot scones, featherlight, on the table.” Thus begins the Australian Women’s Weekly recipe on p. 76 of the Cooking Class Cookbook. Although I’ve put the scone recipe on … Continue reading

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