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On the subject of things that land precisely on the beat, I’ll mention Rudy’s Barbershop.  There are 7 in Seattle, 5 in LA and 2 in Portland.  Thanks to Abra for turning me on to these guys. My opinion of … Continue reading

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homage to sartorialist

“Fashion” as an industry is intimately connected to brand marketing, and in this sense seems almost by construction self-negating.  If you’re being sold a “look”, then it’s not your own, and therefore you’re a consumer, not a producer.  Just as … Continue reading

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seafood risotto

The blog seems like a better, more permanent repository for recipes that matter than the scraps of paper floating around our kitchen.  The following is from a note I printed out almost 10 years ago, attempting to reconstruct an improvised … Continue reading

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Perversely, or perhaps guiltily, after putting a knife in Ian McEwan in a previous post, I felt compelled to read his new book, Solar.  Polished it off recently while waiting for my new notebook to sync documents.  This comes on … Continue reading

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on the beat

I found my heart quickening in exhilaration today as I listened to the White Stripes’ “Cannon” on the bus, from their first album.  It’s Son House’s rendition of “John the Revelator”, piped through the dark metal of Zep.  These guys … Continue reading

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Now that the Wall Street Journal profile has finally posted, I can share the pictures I took with my phone of the beautiful “map room” set the photography crew built in a hotel near work for shooting the portrait.  (This … Continue reading

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