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zero history

Recently finished William Gibson’s new novel, Zero History, during the no-electronics phase of a plane’s ascent to 30,000 feet.  It feels like I’ve read half of this book during takeoffs and landings. I have a soft spot for Gibson.  A … Continue reading

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ten thousand things

Last Friday brought an unexpected surprise.  Earlier in the week, Michelle Gerling had accosted me in the middle of a conversation about GPS traces and aerial imagery at the Vovito coffeeshop in Bellevue, where a couple of us were rudely … Continue reading

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a reduction of pants

This is a sort of minor rant-begets-another-rant.  I found myself writing “pant” in the previous post, and this reminded me of an irritating -ism which I think must be made in America.  I want to call it singularism, but this … Continue reading

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in praise of pockets

I’ve been told by several friends that this particular rant of mine is getting tedious and I should drop it, so consider this post a kind of purging.  I promise not to bring it up again.  Unless you do first. … Continue reading

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sibylle baier

Sharing a new discovery, an unexpected treasure courtesy of the hip priest.  Sibylle Baier was a minor film actress in the 70s, appearing in Wim Wenders’ Alice in the Cities (1974).  She also wrote songs for herself and those close to her, … Continue reading

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I just got a very nice message from our old and long-unseen friend Greg Lyon, early modernist, wry North Carolinian, and above all, hip priest.  Greg DJ’d a freewheeling and brilliant radio show at WPRB in Princeton, with just the … Continue reading

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While we’re at it, Alejandro Amenábar’s 2009 movie Agora is pretty great.  It was dismaying how late and how little distribution it got in the US, one suspects because of its anti-religiosity.  While seemingly getting screen time only in a … Continue reading

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What expression of style could be more violent than religion? According to our friends at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, about six in ten adults in the US consider religion to be “very important” in their lives.  … Continue reading

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