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30 years of TED

Throughout most of last week I was wearing a giant badge with a metal tag on it announcing that this was my 10th TED.  The conference itself was in retrospective mode, celebrating its 30th birthday.  Nostalgia aside though, in many … Continue reading

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death letter

Maybe it’s the recent demise of the great Captain Beefheart, which is a reminder of the way music, 30 years ago still a medium for revolution, no longer has a past or a future, but has congealed into a timelessly … Continue reading

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radial stripes

The brand design for Victrola Coffee on 15th is beautiful: There’s a sense of confection about it.  It prints nicely, it exudes a Capitol Hill-ish steampunk sensibility, and it rhymes with those radially-striped teacup designs which are so much more … Continue reading

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