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Maria-Dave-Blaise - by Petra

It’s been a fun week.  On Wednesday night, our good friend Maria Semple organized an 826 benefit at Town Hall with Dave Eggers, and invited me onstage to do the reading with them and answer questions.  Maria read from Bernadette‘s letter to her mentor (both funny and quite beautiful), and the three of us did an ominous trialogue from The Circle— me as bad guy, obviously–

The Circle - our passage

Dave and Maria have entirely different approaches to writing, and were a vivid contrast. Notes vs. no notes, composed in scenes vs. start to end, personal vs. journalistic (with the exception of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius), parallel vs. serial production. There was a healthy dose of mutual respect, and a certain amount of ribbing (I now know an alternate definition of “underwritten”, an adjective applied, retracted, and then on provocation re-applied by Maria in a very Bernadetteish moment).

Underwritten or not, Dave’s spontaneous McSweeney’s-style sketches are impressive:

Eggers - HeartbreakingEggers - What is the whatEggers - Zeitoun

Feeling pretty happy about our life and friends in Seattle.

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  1. Robin says:

    What fun!! Tried to hijack my book club to Town Hall on Wednesday night — we were discussing “Zeitoun.” Had I realized you would be on stage, I certainly would have been there. P’raps this was recorded and might be broadcast on KUOW? (And if this was a twisty plot by Maria to keep you happy in Seattle, then good on her!)

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