radial stripes

The brand design for Victrola Coffee on 15th is beautiful:

There’s a sense of confection about it.  It prints nicely, it exudes a Capitol Hill-ish steampunk sensibility, and it rhymes with those radially-striped teacup designs which are so much more interesting than the more common sort with horizontal stripes.  There’s a flavor-sound synesthesia of music in the cup.

Another detail I noticed at Victrola on my last visit was the treatment of compost and recyclables.  Most of the Seattle coffeeshops are now making a reasonable effort to separate their trash, but whether it works or not depends in part on the receptacle design.  Aside from usability, there’s a difficulty with what to call that thing that’s neither compostable nor recyclable.  Who remembers the difference between trash, garbage, refuse, rubbish, etc.?  None of these terms are the same part of speech as “compost” or “recycle”, which speak to the fate of the thing you throw away.  Because the vaguer terms give the ontological sense of a superset, when ranged alongside “compost” or “recycle” they suggest a default option: something is “trash” first, and one should then think about whether it might be compostable or recyclable trash.

Calling the third option “landfill” solves the problem elegantly, and I’m fairly sure has a major effect on both increasing the use of the other two and improving separation.  This would be a good result to document.

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  1. Greg Lyon says:

    That is a brilliant logo–marries stylish design to my love of record players and hot beverages. They should sell t-shirts! I’d definitely buy one. And where did that radially-striped cup come from? I want one of those too! Looking at their website, they only sell diner cups with their logo.

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