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This baby has been a long time in gestating.  Hats off to Ben, Kai and Tom for creating, over I won’t say how many years, the greatest app ever to render a retina display pixel.  Frax is not only the … Continue reading

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the kitchen

The on{X} team has just released a very nice new piece of functionality, the Kitchen.  This allows anyone who uses on{X} to very easily write a new recipe, defining novel smartphone behaviors simply by snapping together Lego-like components. The Kitchen … Continue reading

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on{X} update

The developer community’s response to on{X} has been really fun to watch.  I’ve made a short post for the site about some of the highlights of the past week.  In late-breaking news, someone has apparently just whipped up a fledgling … Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago I came back from a great trip to visit my very talented and hip team at the Microsoft Israel Development Center in Tel Aviv.  Excitement was running high as we geared up for the launch … Continue reading

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I was pleased to see David Pogue’s positive review of the new Windows Phone, Nokia’s Lumia 900, a couple of weeks ago in the New York Times.  Windows Phone has made great progress these past couple of years, and has … Continue reading

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panorama madness

Super pleased by the reception of the Photosynth app.  We’ve blown through a million downloads, and we’re five stars now in the appstore, with about 900 ratings in the first four days: Fatjack1 writes, “AmaZing / My head asplode!”  “Holy … Continue reading

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photosynth app!

As everyone who’s been glancing now and then at my facebook page knows, I’ve been posting a lot of panoramas lately from the mysterious “Photosynth publish photos” app.  Well, the app is now finally available on the iPhone— just look … Continue reading

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