the kitchen

The on{X} team has just released a very nice new piece of func­tion­al­i­ty, the Kitchen.  This allows any­one who uses on{X} to very eas­i­ly write a new recipe, defin­ing nov­el smart­phone behav­iors sim­ply by snap­ping togeth­er Lego-like com­po­nents.

onx - the kitchen

The Kitchen is not only inter­est­ing by virtue of what it is, but also by virtue of who made it, and how.  It’s one of the first pub­licly vis­i­ble fruits of an ongo­ing col­lab­o­ra­tion between our teams in Tel Aviv and Ramal­lah.  The Ramal­lah team is rel­a­tive­ly new— we began to scale up our invest­ment there in 2012, though the team has exist­ed since 2009.  They’ve been doing real­ly good work.  For the past few months I’ve been see­ing the code checkin email fly­ing back and forth fast and thick— even dur­ing the cri­sis in Novem­ber.  This made me feel very proud of the com­bined teams.  There is noth­ing sim­ple about the Israel-Pales­tine con­flict, but it seems clear to me that shared cre­ative work and invest­ment are pos­i­tive forces.  Let’s do more of that!

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  1. Just ran into this and am thrilled to hear about it! One of our star­tups at Gaza Sky Geeks pitched to a Sil­i­con VC dur­ing this past war (sum­mer 2014). The VC told us that they had Israeli star­tups pitch­ing to them the same day — one was pre­pared to run to a shel­ter, and anoth­er was wear­ing army uni­form because he’d been draft­ed. All the start­up teams — in Gaza and Israel — were speak­ing the same lan­guage (user acqui­si­tion, prod­uct devel­op­ment, etc) and shared the same dream (launch a suc­cess­ful start­up). The tech sec­tor and start­up move­ments are cre­at­ing some­thing big­ger than pol­i­tics!

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