the kitchen

The on{X} team has just released a very nice new piece of functionality, the Kitchen.  This allows anyone who uses on{X} to very easily write a new recipe, defining novel smartphone behaviors simply by snapping together Lego-like components.

onx - the kitchen

The Kitchen is not only interesting by virtue of what it is, but also by virtue of who made it, and how.  It’s one of the first publicly visible fruits of an ongoing collaboration between our teams in Tel Aviv and Ramallah.  The Ramallah team is relatively new— we began to scale up our investment there in 2012, though the team has existed since 2009.  They’ve been doing really good work.  For the past few months I’ve been seeing the code checkin email flying back and forth fast and thick— even during the crisis in November.  This made me feel very proud of the combined teams.  There is nothing simple about the Israel-Palestine conflict, but it seems clear to me that shared creative work and investment are positive forces.  Let’s do more of that!

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  1. Just ran into this and am thrilled to hear about it! One of our startups at Gaza Sky Geeks pitched to a Silicon VC during this past war (summer 2014). The VC told us that they had Israeli startups pitching to them the same day – one was prepared to run to a shelter, and another was wearing army uniform because he’d been drafted. All the startup teams – in Gaza and Israel – were speaking the same language (user acquisition, product development, etc) and shared the same dream (launch a successful startup). The tech sector and startup movements are creating something bigger than politics!

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