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This baby has been a long time in gestating.  Hats off to Ben, Kai and Tom for creating, over I won’t say how many years, the greatest app ever to render a retina display pixel.  Frax is not only the … Continue reading

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The real Glass—Philip Glass.  I’m listening to the second movement of his first violin concerto, while walking to the bus through a light snowfall on Capitol Hill.  It feels transcendent.  For a few minutes there’s nothing else at all. The … Continue reading

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treasure hunt

Over the past year I’ve set the kids a number of treasure hunts, which are both fun to make and always in demand.  Like anything one tries a few times, it’s gotten quicker.  This morning’s was assembled in record time … Continue reading

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ten thousand things

Last Friday brought an unexpected surprise.  Earlier in the week, Michelle Gerling had accosted me in the middle of a conversation about GPS traces and aerial imagery at the Vovito coffeeshop in Bellevue, where a couple of us were rudely … Continue reading

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While we’re at it, Alejandro Amenábar’s 2009 movie Agora is pretty great.  It was dismaying how late and how little distribution it got in the US, one suspects because of its anti-religiosity.  While seemingly getting screen time only in a … Continue reading

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why is style violent?

I’m not generally one for quotes and mottoes.  But I’ll make an exception for my favorite painter, Gerhard Richter: I like everything that has no style: dictionaries, photographs, nature, myself and my paintings (because style is violence and I am … Continue reading

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