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Over the past year I’ve set the kids a number of treasure hunts, which are both fun to make and always in demand.  Like anything one tries a few times, it’s gotten quicker.  This morning’s was assembled in record time and under duress.  It turned out decently given constraints and incorporated a shopping trip, though I’m regretting not having made Eliot’s half of it harder.  Next time..

The structure usually works like this.  Clues are written on slips of paper, which are hidden in various places, each pointing to the next.  There’s some sort of prize at the end.  These were the clues:

My notes:

The library is useful as a place to hide clues— it’s a source of fun things to read, and shelf column, row and book number form a coordinate system, which is good for math problems.

The Dylan Thomas poem was Where once the waters of your face, with the following clues in a jar of salt and in sage:

Thanks to Ilse for taking over from A5/E6.  She MMS’d me their favorite Schiele paintings from 1909-10,

.. after which I texted back the final clue leading to their prizes:

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