kindergarten: saudade do futuro

I hope not to get in trouble for posting, verbatim and with minimal commentary, an update we’ve just received from Eliot’s kindergarten.  I find this fascinating and, in its way, rather utopian:

As you know, we have been experimenting in our room with different kinds of learning supports for our classroom, such as “wiggle spots” to sit on, headphones for quieter concentration, and “private offices.” Many of the kids seem to have high oral needs right now, so we introduced two “chew tools” this week — chewy straws and gum. The gum is all natural, no chemical sweeteners, and sugar free (sweetened with xylitol). We will continue to supply straws as needed as well as chewy snacks at choice time. The gum seems to work better than the straws and be more hygenic as it does not touch hands or other surfaces once it is in the mouth.

A need to chew on pencils, clothing or hair is a common kindergarten behavior, and providing alternate chewing experiences can help focus and concentration as well as be relaxing for kids. However, gum is not a choice for all families, so if you would prefer that your child not use this chew tool, please let me know.

This is different from the kindergarten of memory.

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