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backyard brains

I’m going to make a confession, get something off my chest that has gnawed at my conscience for many years (ok, just the occasional pang these days, but still).  Electrophysiology was a bit of an obsession for me as a … Continue reading

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death letter

Maybe it’s the recent demise of the great Captain Beefheart, which is a reminder of the way music, 30 years ago still a medium for revolution, no longer has a past or a future, but has congealed into a timelessly … Continue reading

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a reduction of pants

This is a sort of minor rant-begets-another-rant.  I found myself writing “pant” in the previous post, and this reminded me of an irritating -ism which I think must be made in America.  I want to call it singularism, but this … Continue reading

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in praise of pockets

I’ve been told by several friends that this particular rant of mine is getting tedious and I should drop it, so consider this post a kind of purging.  I promise not to bring it up again.  Unless you do first. … Continue reading

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While we’re at it, Alejandro Amenábar’s 2009 movie Agora is pretty great.  It was dismaying how late and how little distribution it got in the US, one suspects because of its anti-religiosity.  While seemingly getting screen time only in a … Continue reading

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What expression of style could be more violent than religion? According to our friends at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, about six in ten adults in the US consider religion to be “very important” in their lives.  … Continue reading

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logic as an exercise in style

Unlike the red sauce, this post falls in the category of “probably useless”. Once upon a time I took courses in logic at University.  I did fine, because if you know how to do math and program, there isn’t much … Continue reading

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why is style violent?

I’m not generally one for quotes and mottoes.  But I’ll make an exception for my favorite painter, Gerhard Richter: I like everything that has no style: dictionaries, photographs, nature, myself and my paintings (because style is violence and I am … Continue reading

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