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fennel indecency

Like the fried fiori di zucca, there are some dishes whose ratio of low effort to extraordinary result seems like a violation of some natural— or at least moral— law.  This is one such.  The recipe comes originally from Frank, … Continue reading

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fiori di zucca

The season won’t last much longer, so it seems a good time to share the technique we use for making one of the loveliest things one can pop into one’s mouth, e.g. with a glass of prosecco before dinner with … Continue reading

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testi espliciti

A recent episode of the Planet Money podcast about the troubled Italian economy opened with some rather sticky hiphop, which on investigation turned out to be the wildly popular (in Italy) and as far as I can tell unknown (in … Continue reading

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the red sauce

While we’re on the subject of food, I might as well share something very useful: the best red sauce for pasta.  This discovery comes originally via a Marcela Hazan cookbook. the sauce use a wide, shallow pan drop in a large can (28oz) of the … Continue reading

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