testi espliciti

A recent episode of the Plan­et Mon­ey pod­cast about the trou­bled Ital­ian econ­o­my opened with some rather sticky hiphop, which on inves­ti­ga­tion turned out to be the wild­ly pop­u­lar (in Italy) and as far as I can tell unknown (in the US) rap­per from Le Marche Fab­rizio Tar­duc­ci, det­to Fab­ri Fibra:

Pis­tole in mac­chine – in Italia
Mac­chi­avel­li e Fos­co­lo – in Italia
I cam­pi­oni del mon­do sono – in Italia…
Ben­venu­to – in Italia
Fat­ti una vacan­za al mare – in Italia
Meglio non far­si oper­are – in Italia
Non andare all’ospedale – in Italia
Sei nato e mor­to qua
Sei nato e mor­to qua
Nato nel paese del­la mez­za ver­ità…

He turns out to be pret­ty damn good!  There’s a lot going on in these songs, in the pro­lif­ic machine-gun like text, in the music, in the rhythm of the deliv­ery.  The best of these tracks (espe­cial­ly on the 2010 disc Con­tro­cul­tura) con­tin­u­ous­ly sur­prise and delight with inner rhymes and dis­so­nances, missed and dou­bled beats, over­dubbed lay­ers that shift the text in and out of focus, sibi­lant or per­cus­sive syl­la­bles that seem to emerge as an instru­ment in their own right.  Maybe there’s recent Amer­i­can rap this good?  I’m not sure, but it seems like this deserves some explo­ration.

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