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seafood risotto

The blog seems like a better, more permanent repository for recipes that matter than the scraps of paper floating around our kitchen.  The following is from a note I printed out almost 10 years ago, attempting to reconstruct an improvised … Continue reading

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a reduction of pants

This is a sort of minor rant-begets-another-rant.  I found myself writing “pant” in the previous post, and this reminded me of an irritating -ism which I think must be made in America.  I want to call it singularism, but this … Continue reading

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the chocolate cake

Our neighbor Lisa made this for us once, after a delicious dinner full of lively conversation.  It’s nothing much to look at.  However, as we distractedly put the forks in our mouths, the conversation stopped.  Here’s what Lisa wrote back … Continue reading

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the red sauce

While we’re on the subject of food, I might as well share something very useful: the best red sauce for pasta.  This discovery comes originally via a Marcela Hazan cookbook. the sauce use a wide, shallow pan drop in a large can (28oz) of the … Continue reading

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For the five Augusts in 2008-2012, Adrienne is directing a course at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Lab (MBL) called Methods in Computational Neuroscience.  We met at this course when Bill Bialek was directing it, in 1998.  So the little … Continue reading

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