latte vorticity

I used to be a bit of a purist about lat­te art, but am being con­vinced that the use of the spoon to incise the sur­face after the pour is valid.  The barista at Besalu is con­vinc­ing.

Their crois­sants are also eas­i­ly the best with­in a hun­dred miles.  We’re lucky to have such a cul­tur­al trea­sure in Seat­tle.

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  1. bj says:

    Very nice. I like #3, and the bit I can see of #1, 5op.

    #2 is a bit wor­ri­some (looks a bit like a mal­formed and too sym­met­ri­cal brain or poten­tial­ly some oth­er organ I can’t iden­ti­fy).

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