Now that the Wall Street Jour­nal pro­file has final­ly post­ed, I can share the pic­tures I took with my phone of the beau­ti­ful “map room” set the pho­tog­ra­phy crew built in a hotel near work for shoot­ing the por­trait.  (This is also an exper­i­ment in embed­ding an iframe on the blog.  You’ll need to install Sil­verlight to view.)

Thanks to Nick Wing­field for the very flat­ter­ing piece, and to the pho­tog­ra­phy crew, who I got to pose for me in the synth above.  One can’t real­ly make out the details in the pho­to they pub­lished, but every sur­face in this room, includ­ing the over­stuffed chair and the lamp­shade, is cov­ered in maps scav­enged from rum­mage sales.  After the shoot, a cou­ple of our guys in turn scav­enged the chair and oth­er parts of the set.  These now live in our stu­dio across the street.  Car­ry­ing map-cov­ered fur­ni­ture across the inter­sec­tions of Belle­vue must have looked a bit like a neo-Dada inter­ven­tion.

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