the hard boiled wonderland puzzle

The brain has two halves— the left, which is more analytical, and the right, which
is more in the moment.  This treasure hunt consists of seven cycles, one for each of you.  Within each cycle you alternate between the two halves of the brain.  A cycle begins
with a word, no spaces, like “thisisatest”.  Form a URL out of the word like so: (we just happen to be using my blog, styleisviolence, to store the web pages).  On that web page you’ll find a challenge that results in a number.  For “thisisatest”, for example, you’ll see that the challenge is “10+7”, which means the answer is 17.  Stick the answer onto the URL, again with no spaces, like this:  On that page you’ll find instructions for locating
a book— somewhere in the real world.  On the inside cover of the book is the name of the person for whom it’s intended.  (But you can always trade later if you want.)  Somewhere on the first ten pages or so, a word is underlined—your next word.  When you’ve got that word, go back to the blog and find that web page to start the next cycle.  Remember: travel in a pack.  Use your collective intelligence— all fourteen half-brains worth.  Your first word is: wonderland.  See you at the End of the World.  Good luck.

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