Journey problem.  Now do it again, but for this new set of outdoor locations.  Most of the locations are given in (latitude, longitude) and are generally accurate to about 6 meters.  You may want to map and plan your route ahead of time, since they’re not listed in any order.  The distribution of locations might suggest a rough order.

  • in the hollow head next the take a toy
  • 47.6219, -122.3132 : the tall telephone pole
  • 47.6221, -122.3120 : the little free library
  • 47.6220, -122.3178 : where the square metal pole under the two diamonds goes into the ground
  • 47.6222, -122.3121 : below the four cubes
  • 47.6232, -122.3188 : little chunk of cement under the thank you
  • 47.6281, -122.3180 : in the middle of the middle tree
  • 47.6304, -122.3145 : to the immediate left of the bench
  • 47.6318, -122.3155 : next to the base of the metal object made by Olympic Foundry
  • 47.6219, -122.3141 : around the red rocks
  • the rock that points the way to the Olmsted exhibit, next to the water tower
  • 47.6285, -122.3133 : look for the red-topped cement pillar

Note that Victrola has free WiFi, if you need it.


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